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Rajput is all about gun, guts and glory. That’s why it is said to be Rajputana’s stories.

Rajput is known for their bravery, sacrifices, royalty, integrity and altruistism.

Kachawa is a branch or clan of Suryavanshi Rajput. Till now it is said that there are total 62 clans or dynasty because we have proof of that. Later on they moved on to different-different places to gain throne and power.

Basically the history of Kachawa is generated from these places

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan


Origin of Kachawa from Uttar Pradesh

The origin of Kachawa Clan is mainly Uttar Pradesh. Kachawa clan is generated from there. The first kachawa clan is a branch of suryavanshi from Ayodhya, UP.

The king of Ayodhya , Raja Ramchandra had two sons, Luv and Kush.

Kachawa is the dynasty of the elder son of Raja Ramchandra “Kush”.

The clan of Kush is mainly known as “Kushwaha” in Uttar Pradesh.

 Hence, from time to time they have spread over north India.

Origin of Kachawa from Bihar

The origin of Kush dynasty came to Saket( presently known as Faizabad). Then from Saket they moved to Rohitashgarh and settled. They made Rohtash Durg and ruled over their.

In todays scenario, they are known as “Kushwaha”.

Origin of Kachawa from Madhya Pradesh


The branch of Kush dynasty also settled from Rohtashgarh to Padmawati (currently known as Gwalior), Madhya Pradesh. The ancestors of Kachawa Clan fought a war against Kashyap who used to be a community of Nagvansh. Kachawa clan won the battlefield and captured the power and place.

Hence, over the victory on the field of Nagvansh, Kachawa got its name. earlier it used to be Kashyapghaat, Kashayapa and then finally as “Kachawa”.


Origin of Kachawa From Rajasthan


Kachawa clan appeared in 12th century in the history of Rajasthan.

The Dulhe rai, son of Sodhdev had been married to the daughter of Kalan Singh Chauhan,who was the ruler of Moragadh.

Dulhe rai had a war with people of Manch village. Meena’s used to rule over their. He defeated Meenas and had the right over Manch village, that’s a part of Dhundhal area. Later on the temple of kuldevi Jamwai Mata wa built under his guidance and then Dulhe rai changed the name of the village from Manch to Jamwa Ramgarh.

Dulhe rai was very powerful and brave who added Jamuaramgarh, Jhotwara, Dausa, Getor, and Amer in his rule.

First Amer was made under his rule and then jaipur. The Kuldevi of Kachawa clan is nearly 5 km from Jamwaramgarh.

About Kuldevi “Jamwai Mata”


The Kuldevi of Kachawa Vansh is Jamwai Mata which is situated near Jamwaramgarh. It is 35 km from Jaipur. This village Jamwaramgarh got its name from the presence of Jamwai mata temple in it. The temple is surrounded by lots of greenery and mountains that’s why it looks very attractive and beautiful.

The temple was founded by Dulhe rai son of Sodhdev.

Before the arrival of Kachawa dynasty, this place was called Manch and ruled by meenas.

There is a story behind the completence of the temple. Dulhe rai fought with Meenas but he had to face defeat. Then one day his kuldevi showed up to him and told him the path to win the battle and achieve victory. He again fought with Meenas and defeated them and won the battlefield.

Then he named the place as Jamwa Ramgarh in the memory of Kuldevi Jamwai Mata.

There are 3 murtis established in the temple. First one is our holly mother, Cow. Second is of Jamwai mata. And third one is of Budwai Mata.


Description of Gotra

  • Vansh - Suryavansh
  • Ved - Samved
  • Gotra – Manavya
  • Ishthdev – Shree Ramchandra Ji
  • Kuldevi – Jamwai Mata
  • River – Saryu


Sub Clans Of Kachawa

  1. Baneer Pota
    1. Harji ka kachawa
    2. Veeram pota
    3. Mengal pota
  2. Kunwar Bhani
  3. Sidhade Kachawa
  4. Ugrawat
  5. Mahepaani
  6. Sujawat kachawa
  7. Dugya Kachawa
  8. Napawat
  9. Sarvanpota
  10. Bhankrot
  11. Hammir deka
  12. Jasra pota
  13. Baghwada pota
  14. Dashrath pota
  15. Kheenvraj pota
  16. Someshwar pota
  17. Delnot
  18. Jhamawat
  19. Ghelnot
  20. Ralnot
  21. Jeetalpota
  22. Alnot Jogi Kachawa
  23. Pradhan Kachawa
  24. Sawantpota
  25. Khiwawat
  26. Siyapota
  27. Biksipota
  28. Bhojrajpota
    1. Radhar Ka
    2. Beekapota
    3. Gadh ke Kachawa
    4. Savsi Pota
  29. Kumbhawat
  30. Bheempota
  31. Pichayanota
  32. Khangarot
  33. Sultanot
  34. Chaturbhujhjot
  35. Bal bhadros
  36. Pratappota
  37. Nathawat
  38. Baghawat
  39. Devkaranota
  40. Kalyanota
  41. Ramsinghota
  42. Saindasota
  43. Roopsingota
  44. Purnamalota
  45. Bakawat kachawa
  46. Rajawat
  47. Jagganatoth kachawa
  48. Salhedipota
  49. Sadulpota
  50. Sundardasota
  51. Naruka kachawa
  52. Melka kachawa
  53. Shekhawat
  54. Balapota
  55. Karnawat
  56. Mekawat
  57. Bhilawat
  58. Jeetawat
  59. Beekshani kachawa
  60. Sangani kachawa
  61. Shivbrahpota
  62. Peethalpota kachawa
  63. Patalpota kachawa

Rajput Unity