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Parmar is considered under 36 rajput dynasties. From 8th to 13th century  this rajput dynasty  had ruled all over india. Parmar is the clan of Agnivanshi Rajput. It is written and said that the very first clan of parmar rajput was from “Arbudachal”( Abu Mountain) generated from a fire pit, and it is proved in literature and written in old inscription also. Parmar rajputs are considered as “Agni Vanshi”.

The existence of Parmars were mentioned in the novel “Navsahshandk”, which was written by the famous writer Padmagupt. It is mentioned in the historical text by padmagupt that parmars were from a fire pit. Arbudachal was the hermitage of the Maharishi Vashisht. And he was their clan’s priest.  Once the holly cow (Kaamdhenu)of Maharishi Vashisht was wrongly taken by Rishi Vishwamitra. Due to this Rishi Vashisht got angry and he started saying some sacred utterance and sacrificed some drops of blood under fire pit. As a result one brave gentleman was born from the fire. Rishi Vashisht told him to get back his cow(Kaamdhenu) to him.

He went to Rishi Vishwamitra and won the cow and brought back to Rishi Vashisht. Rishi Vashisht got impressed and he named the man name as “Panwar”, which means who wins the battle and defeated the enemies. In this way the clans of that brave man is named as “Parmar”.

This stoy is so old that historians have found proofs and inscription about parmars. Then a king named Upendra was born in this dynasty.

Malwa was the first region where Parmar ruled. Panwar is considerd as one of the famous dynasty in rajputs. The first man after Parmar was King Upendra( ghumraj, krishnaraj). Many brave kings were born in this dynasty like King Sindhulraj, nd his son King Bhoj Panwar, King Vikram Aditya, King Vakyati, King Munj etc.

Sacchiyai Mata is the kuldevi of Parmar dynasty that is situated near khuhadi, Jaisalmer.


Principalities of Parmar(Panwar)

  • Malwa – Narsinghgadh, Rajgadh, Devas, dhar, bhaktgadh, mathnar, chattarpur, umarwadi, mandu, Ujjain, maheswar, chandrabhaga, maumedan, prabhavati, bedi etc.
  • Rajasthan- Aabu, Bijoliya(mewar), Dhaulpur, Jalore, lodrwa, Dungarpur, Banswada, kiradu(badhmer), Masuda, Srinagar( Ajmer), Peesangan.
  • Bikaner- Jetsisar, Ranasar, sonpalsar, jetasar, Rajasar, ludasar, Bhadarsara etc
  • Gujarat- Danta, Saundh, muli, male, Bhukhas.
  • Saurashtra- Parkar(kutch-bhuj)
  • Bihar- Jagdishpura, Sakarpura, Dumraav.
  • Uttar Pradesh- Tihri gadhwal and Paudi gadhwal, Jaagner(agra).
  • Hariyana- Sonipat, Rohtak.
  • Punjab- Baghal
  • Pakistan- umerkot
  • Kumayu- Tehri gadhwal, Paudi gadhwal, Srinagar and Lohagadh.

Parmar Of Malwa

Malwa was the first region where parihar had ruled. According to the famous author Gauri Shankar hirachandra and historical script and sculptures , Parihar was present over that time. Gandharvsen was the ruler of Malwa. And it is believed that it was spread to the North Rajasthan.

Maharaja Gandharvsen had queens from 4 different different  region- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra etc.

Ambavati was the capital under Maharaja Gandharvsen. He was the king of Malwa, Rajasthan.

  • Son from Brahmani – Brahmjeet
  • Son from Kshtriyani – Shankh, Vikramaditya, Brathari
  • Son from Vaishyani – Chandra
  • Son from Shudrani – Dhanvantari

The famous Clan from Parmar rajputs


  • Mayal
  • Dod
  • Gal
  • Sodha
  • Sankhala
  • Kalma
  • Umat
  • Kaba
  • Maepawat

Hence , Mayal’s used to rule over siwan, Dod’s over Dodwana, Gal’s over Palampur, Sodha’s over Tharparak, Sankhala’s over Jaalsu, Umat over Bheenmaal, Kalma’s over Sanchor, Kaba’s over Ramseeng, Maepawat’s over Jagner( near Agra, Uttar Pradesh), and Bijauliya (Mewar, Rajasthan) 

Parmar from Bagad

The Dungarpur and Banswada of Mewar region is also known as “Bagad”. Dabar singh Parmar had established the state in the late 10th century. Dabar singh Parmar was the youngest son of Krishnaraj. And he got the rule and right of Bagad region from his father.

The successor of Dabar singh parmar were very rich and they have created Dhanikeshwar Shiv Temple in Ujjain. After him, his nephew chachh became the the ruler of Bagad.

After chachh, Kankdev became the ruler of Bagad region. But what is the relation between kankdev and chachh?

We don’t have any proof in todays scenario about their relation but it is said that kankdev was the grandson of Dumber Singh.

It is also said that the ancestors of Parmars used to resides in Mahikantha, Gujarat, before the independency.

Hence it is also written in ancient history that Parmars had ruled over Abu( Rajasthan), Jalore, Kiradu etc

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