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In Rajasthan history, Guhilot has played a very important role in it. This dynasty  has ruled on Mewar from 7th century to continuously till India became Independant. It has ruled almost 1300 years. There maybe any dynasty in the world who has continuously ruled on one region.


Guhilot dynasty is the descendants of king “Luv”, who was the son of King Shree Ramchandra Ji whose capital was Ayodhya. From King Luv to King Sumitra , who was the 61 clan of this dynasty. Ayodhyanagri was his capital. King Luv had ruled over Lahore too. King Sumitra had “Kaksen” in his 9th genealogy. King Kaksen went to Ballabhipur( Kathiyawad- Gujarat) and had established his own kingdom. First he had a war with Parmar vanshi Rajput, King Kaksen won the war and established “Birnagar” in Vikram Samvat 199. King Kaksen had King Vijaysen in his 4th genealogy. King Vijaysen had established “Vijaynagar” which is currently known as “Dholagiri”. Apart from this he had also looked after Vidarbh and Ballabhipur. Ballabhipur was the capital of King Kaksen. In Vikram Samvat 663, the king of Ballabhipur was Shiladitya had a attack by Malecho(Hundo). In that war, King Shiladitya died and Ballabhipur was taken by Hundo. All the queens of Shiladitya had became Sati and Ballabhipur was destroyed. But one of his queen named was Maharani Pushpavati who was the daughter of Parmar king of Chandravati, went to worship the Goddess Ambaji in Mewar and while returning back from there she had just stayed to har parents home for quite some days. Maharani Pushpavati was pregnant at that time. When she got the news about King Shiladitya death and about whole Ballabhipur, she was shattered and she tried to become sati. But she cant do thisbecause she was pregnant. And now it was her duty and responsibility to look forward to his dynasty.

A Brahmin whose name was Vijaydutt lived in beerpur Nagda near Ekling ji with his wife Kamlawati. They both suggested the Maharani Pushpavati to live her life until delivery. Maharani listened their words and went to live in cave of Aravali Mountains with her helpers. There she had  given birth to a boy. and because of taking birth in a cave, his name was kept as “Guh” and “Guhaditya”. After ten days of Guh birth, Maharani Pushpavati gave the child “Guh” to Brahmin Vijaydutt and his wife Kamlawati to take care of him and she got Sati in Nagada village. That Brahmin family had take care of him more than his own children with lots of love. When “Guh” got adult, he had first captured the region of Bheel named Ider(Malwa)and become the ruler. His descendants later on be called as “Gohil”, “Guhilot”, “Gehlot”. It is said that the time of King Guh(gohil) was said to be from vikram samvat 663 to 668.

After becoming the king, Guhil had started expanding his kingdom. He ruled over Agra, Chatsu, Sakoon(Ajmer), Khedgaav in jodhpur(Marwad), Pali, and Pipad. They  had also established their kingdom in west, himachal Pradesh and Malwa. They had again captured Ballabhipur and ruled over there.

In this way, to organize and maintain the military, Guhil must had some plans regarding the arrangements, wars, and victory. Guhil had so many things in his army like horses, camels,elephants, and  military power. Hence this proves that King Guhil was very brave, courageous, intelligent, always listens to his people. Guhilot is said to be the descendants of Ballabhpur king Shiladitya. His second name was “Dhruvbhatt”.

Ancient Chronicles of Guhilot

The last descendants of Ayodhya Suryavanshi was from the king Sumitra. His descendants is known as Kushwaha(Kachwaha), who were in Rohitaas(Bihar), Narwar(Gwalior) and then from Malwa, moved to rajasthan.

The second descendants of Sumitra was Rathore who also known as Raashtrakoot who then moved from Ayodhya to Kannauj. Then from Kannauj they moved to Jodhpur under kingdom of Singha ji in Rajasthan.

The third descendants  of King Sumitra was “Vajnabh”. There were many kings after him but the son of Gharsen was on the top named as Shiladitya I . Guhilot  like king Guh was the ruler of Mewar, who was the son of Shiladitya I(king of Vallabhji).

The Emperor Guhil(Bappa Rawal)

At that time in Nagda in Mewar region, these Guhil from Suryavanshi  ruler had an positive impact and were called as “Guhilot”. Guhil also had kingdoms in Gujarat, Marwar, Jodhpur, Agra, Malwa etc.

The descendants of Guhil were Bhoj, Mahendra I , Naag, Shiladitya(sheel), and Aparajeet. His kingdom was upto Ider(Malwa). At the time of King Aparajeet, bheels had revolt aginst guhil and defeated the king Aparajeet. King Aparajeet was killed. In this revolt, only his son “Bappa”who was of 3 years old and his wife were alive and they left and saved their life by moving to Nagar.

In this Brahmin dynasty in Nagar, Bappa’s upbringing was done. In his childhood Bappa had served the Harit Rishi and studied under his guidance. Then one day Harish rishi has ordered him to capture the kingdom of Chittaurh. He had taken the Chittaurh in the year 725. From that time Bappa was also called as “Rawal”.

This dynasty has got so many brave, courageous, majestic, intelligent, sensitive rulers, whose names are always be written with golden words in Indian history and will be remembered by everyone.

In comparison of this Rajput dynasty, no dynasty had ever showed such bravery and intelligency. Every rajput and hindu person still remembers  them as an idol and great warriors. In this Guhilot dynasty , the name of Bappa Rawal( son of Aparajeet) would be considered amongst most brave warriors and kings.

From Bappa Rawal to Rawal Ratan singh , the sobriquet of Rawal had ended in 18th genealogy. After that, Vikram singh was called as “Rana”. The sobriquet of Maharana was used at the time of Lakha. In present , Arvind Singh Mewar is the king of Guhilot(Sisodiya). This region and state is considered as one of the most powerful because it had never been captured by any ruler. It was always ruled by Guhilot till today.

At the time of Bappa Rawal(kaalbhoj), Khalifas were instantly moving very fast and destroying everything. They had destroyed the traditions, cultures, and dharm and looted the property of local peoples and make them beggars. Their main interest was to spread the river of blood. They had captivated the childrens and mostly womens and took their wrong advantages and then they used to sell them.

And due to winning over many kingdoms, the people of Iran, Mishr etc are still not aware of their tradions and cultures. They don’t even know any about their religion in properand from where they belongs to. Famous historians are still searching their religion and tradions. From there Khalifas moved to Sindh and captivated it. After Sindh they moved to Gujarat and wanted to captivate all the regions of Rajputs and tried their best but couldn’t got the success. At that time the Naagbhatt Parihars of Bheenwal(Marwar) and Bappa Rawal of Mewar had played an important role by fighting against them in a planned manner. They both had arranged a meeting and ordered all the thakurs to fight the battle in a brave way. They had united the military from all over India and the soldiers were in Lakhs. Khalifas could not even handle the half of the military and went back to the opposite side of Sindhu river to save their life.

After getting pure peace in state, Bappa Rawal had made his son Khuman I as the king and Bappa Rawal became hermit. And he had dedicated his life to Shiva ji.

Khalifas afain got the chance to attack on Guhil but this time also they could not handle the strength and power of military of Parihars and Gulis. King Naagbhatt Parihar and Khuman I both had fought bravely and defeted the Khalifas. Because of Khuman ji I, Guhilot are also known as “Khuman”. The unity between Bappa Rawal, Naagbhatt Parihar has set an example for other Rajput Kshatriyas.

We will never forget  their sacrifices, bravery and integrity. Because of them we are alive and our religion is safe, otherwise nobody would be so free and our dharma would be lost.

After Khuman I, Jetra singh became the king who had defeated the Khalifas of Sindh in vikram samvat 1305. After Khuman I, king Jetra singh was also one of the brave warrior in Mewar and Indian history. Rawal Ratan was born in the 3rd genealogy of Jetra singh ji. Maharani Padmini was a queen of Rawal Ratan singh ji. and because of her beauty, a war was fought between the king of Delhi Allaudin Khilji and Rawal Ratan singh ji in the year 1303. Unfortunately rajputs were defeated by Khilji military. And then Maharani Padmini did “Jauhar” with all the rajput ladies in Chittaurgarh Durg.


Rajput Unity