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The History Of Nagnechiya Mata

  Aug 30, 2018     Rajput Unity

Nagnechiya Mata - Kuldevi Of Rathore Dynasty   Nagnechiya Mata is the kuldevi of Rathore Dynasty. Nagnechiya mata is also famous as Nagnechi Mata, Ratheswari Mata and Chakreshwari Mata. The temple is located at the Nagana village of jodhpur district in Rajasthan. Raja Rao Dhuhad, son of Rao Sinha who was the founder of Rathore state in Marwar area in rajasthan, is the first one under his guid View More

Kuldevi “Jamwai Mata”

  Jul 22, 2018     Rajput Unity

The Kuldevi of Kachawa Vansh is Jamwai Mata which is situated near Jamwaramgarh. It is 35 km from Jaipur. This village Jamwaramgarh got its name from the presence of Jamwai mata temple in it. The temple is surrounded by lots of greenery and mountains that’s why it looks very attractive and beautiful. The temple was founded by Dulhe rai son of Sodhdev. Before the arrival of Kachawa dynasty, t View More

History Of Kewai Mata

  Jul 21, 2018     Rajput Unity

Kewai Mata is the kuldevi of Dahiya dynasty of Rishi Vansh. Dahiya is the clan of Rishi Dadhichi. Later on the clan of Dhadichi rishi is named as dadhichic, dahiyak, and then finally as dahiya. Dadhichi Rishi was the one who has sacrificed his bones for the Dev. The temple of Kewai mata is situated in kinsariya village between Parbatsar and nagaur. The temple is located on 1000ft from base on the  View More

History Of Kaila Devi (Jadaun)

  Jul 21, 2018     Rajput Unity

The Kaila devi is the kuldevi of Jadaun dynasty. The temple is situated in Karauli near sawai madhopur in rajasthan. Kaila devi is worshipped by every community and mostly jadaun dynasty. The temple has two murtis seated on silver stone under gold plated chatrees. One murti is of Chamunda Mata and other one is of Kaila Devi. This temple was build by Raja Bhompal in 1600 There are lots of stories b View More

History Of Aavad Mata

  Jul 21, 2018     Rajput Unity

Aavad Mata is the Kuldevi of Bhati Dynasty. Aavad Mata is also famous as Swangiya Mata and Tanannot Mata. It is said that people worship the goddess to satisfy their desires and fulfilling their needs and wants. The history of Mata Aawad is very old and authentic. Their ancestors resides in Sindh and used to do trade of horses and ghee. Once a bachelor named “Chela” who was from charan View More

The History Of Ashapura Mata Or Shakambhari Mata

  Jul 21, 2018     Rajput Unity

The goddess of fulfilling desires and wishes is famous as Ashapura Mata ( asha-puri). Ashapura Mata is also Famous as Shikambhari Mata. The oldest temple of shikambhari mata is located in sambhar that is nearby 70 km from jaipur.  Shakambhari is the other name of goddess durga which means who provides food , peace and prosperity. There is a story behind the establishment of shakambhari mata t View More

सम्राट अशोक का अहिंसक बौद्ध बनना

  Jun 19, 2018     Rajput Unity

सम्राट अशोक का अहिंसक बौद्ध बनना हिन्दुत्व की धार कुंद कर गया, जिस दिन गाँधी छोड़ तुम्हारे अंदर का अर्जुन जागा... जीत उसी दिन से तुम्हारी शुरू हो जाएगी।   कुछ लोगों को बहुत कष्ट हो रहा कि अब हिन्दू भी धीरे-धीरे कट्टर हो रहे... जबकि उनकी सनातन पहचान ही उदारता की रही है!   इसी उदारता के चक्कर में तो हिन्दू सिमट सिकुड़ गए... जबकि श्रीराम द्वारा रावण की ठुकाई और श्रीकृष्ण द्वारा कंस की View More