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Dahiya is one of the oldest clan in rajputana history. They belongs to Rishi Vansh. Their is the description mentioned in the temple of Kewai Mata near kansariya village which is between Parbatsar and Nagaur.

Dahiya is the clan of Dadhichi Rishi. Later on this clan is named as dadhichic, dahiyak, and then finally as dahiya. The Dadhichi Rishi was the one who had sacrificed his bones for “dev”. It is said that Dahiya rajput had provinces and dynasties over rajasthan and forts but due to the unavailability in written we don’t find  any proofs. They are also termed as “Ganpati”, Raja, Rana, and Rawat, which shows the uttermost stories of bravery, integrity and sacrifices. Their is a fort in Bawatra which was established by Dahiyas only thats why it is termed as “Gadh Bawatra”. Dahiya’s used to be very powerful and had lots of stories of braveries.

Under this dynasty, lots of brave sons were born. Like Rana Bhareh, Rana Kadevrai, then Kirti singh( who is also famous as Meghnath).

Kirti Singh had a son named Berr Singh. Berr Singh got married to Dudha Kanwar, then they had a brave son of Dahiyas dynasty named Rana Chachh. The temple that is situated in Kinsariya was built by Rana Chachh only. The inscription written in Kewai mata temple in kinsariya is of that ancient time only. Rana Chachh was the  of the ruler of Ajmer Durlabhraj.

Rana Chachh had two sons Yashput and Udwaran. After Chachh, Yasput became the ruler of Kinsariya .

In ancient time , Dahiyas had ruled over Marot, Parbatsar, Jalore, Sanchor, Bundi, Harsor, Ghatiyala( Jodhpur), Sawar( Ajmer), and Sahilgadh( presently in Pakistan). Dahiya considered the Rathore dynasty as their brothers hence they don’t do marriages under rathore dynasty.

Clans of Dahiya:

  1. Gore Dahiya
  2. Kale Dahiya


The sub clans of Dahiya dynasty is as follows:

  1. Brahma mitrawaran agsatya
  2. Paulast
  3. Parasar
  4. Durvasa
  5. Jerikh
  6. Nikumb
  7. Raajrikh
  8. Dadhichi
  9. Vimalraaj siwat
  10. Kulkhat
  11. Atar
  12. Ajaywaah
  13. Vijaywaah
  14. Suman
  15. Shaalwahan
  16. Narwahan
  17. Dehad

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