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The ruler of Amer was Udaykaran ji. Balaji was the 3rd no son of Udaykarn ji. He got Barvada in the estate. Balaji had a son named Mokal ji. But Mokal ji didn’t had any children. But later on at the old age, he took some medicines given by Shekh Burhan. And by the blessing of god and those medicines, one boy was born(1433 BCE). His name was kept as “Shekha”. Shekha ji was very brave and majestic emperor. Shekha ji had so many wars with the king of Amer chandrasen ji and everytime chandrasenji had to face defeat. At the end Naruji and Shekhaji got together and sought out everything with Chandrsenji. Hance chandrasen ji had accepted Shekha ji as an Independant ruler.

Shekhaji then started expanding his kingdom. He had defeted nearby all Yadavs, Tankas, Sankhalas  and covered 360 villages and had established a independant kingdom.

He then attacked on Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani, Hisaye etc and had covered them. From there they moved to “Triveni” and their he had built a fort named “Shikhargarh” on the mountains of Triveni. Many times shekhaji had war with Mughals and everytime he won and showed the act of bravery. But in those wars ,two sons of shekhaji (Durga ji and puranmalji)but they  martyred. From there Shekhaji moved to the mountains of Jeenmata near Sikar and settled his kingdom over there as it seems to be a safest place. Hence in this way he had created an independent kingdom for his dynasty. On “Akshya Tritya Vikram samvat (1488 BCE), Shekhaji last opened his eyes. Thats why in Rajasthan, the descendants of Shekhaji (Shekhawat) don’t celebrate Akhateej and don’t do any good work at home on that day. This descendants of this brave man is known as “Shekhawat”.

Once a large number of Pathan’s group were crossing their state to Delhi. Shekhaji thought that they were trustworthy and recruited them in their army. One day, one of the Pathan soldier killed a peacock. And Durgaji who was the son of Shekhaji couldnot bear this incident and had killed that pathan soldier. And due to this incident Rajputs and Pathans were diveded in groups and they were in opposite of each other. Shekha ji got the news of the whole incident . Hence Shekhaji went to sought out the matter between both the communities. Later on the food of pathans were parced to the Shekhaji kitchen. Then both the Pathans and Rajputs had decided that Pathans would not kill any birds and animals and would not eat their meat. And pathans also took a promise from Shekhaji that thay would not kill any pig and neither they would eat meat of pig (Pork).

After the death of Shakhaji, his youngest son Raimalji sat on the wat of Amarsar. He had also expanded the kingdom just like Shekhaji. Raimalji died in Vikram samvat  1564. After Raimalji, his son Sujaji got the estate and after Sujaji, his son Loonkarn sat on the wad of Amarsar. Loonkarnji had fought many wars in Gujarat, Haldighati, Mewar etc from the side of akbar. In Rajasthan, places like Jaipur, Sikar, Jhunjunu, Alwar etc have sub clans of shekhawat . out of these some are thikanas, village and dhani. Jhunjunu and Sikar is still known as “Shekhawati”. Their main estates are Khetdi, Sikar, Maunda, Mukundgarh, Navalgarh, Khejdoli, Khacharivas, etc.

Once the descendants of Rao Shekhaji -  Narayan singh and Baldev singh went to pilgrimage in Orrisa. At that time the whole Orissa was under the kings of Gangavanshi. The king of Puri was having a war with Pathans. These two brothers helped the king and showed an act of bravery and they won the war from Pathans. King of puri got very impressed from them and asked their introduction. They gave their ancestors name and were choosed as commander and general in his army. Hence they were given different different estates like Khurda and Devli to each one.

Gotradi – Shekhawat(Kachwaha)

  • Vansh – Suryavanshi
  • Tristigotra – Gautam
  • Pravar – Gautam, Vashisht, Bhrahspatya
  • Veda – Samveda
  • Shakha – Madhvanindani
  • Sutra – Paraskar Grehsutra
  • Kuldevi – Chandi or Jamwai mata
  • Kuldevta – Shree Ramchandra ji
  • Flag – Pachranga
  • Bird – Peigion
  • Pramukh Gaddi – Amer (Rajasthan)

Sub Clans of Shekhawat

  • Taknet Shekhawat -  One of the queen of Rao Shekha ji was “Tank Rajput” her son was Durga ji. And from mothers side, they are known as “Taknet Shekhawat”. Shekhaji and durga ji martyred in a war with “Gaur”. In shekhawati region, there are still lots of villages where taknet shekhawat resides like Barwa, Tihawali, Bajor, Piprali, Reta, Thedi etc.
  • Ratnawat Shekhawat – The second son of Shekha ji was Ratan ji. The descendants of Ratanji is known as “Ratnawat Shekhawat”. They resides in Alwar and 10 villages of Hariyana.
  • Mulkpuriya Shekhawat – Son of Rao Shekha ji ( Abhaji, Achalaji, Tilokji) got a village near jaipur . due to the name of the name, their descendants is known as “Mulkpuriya Shekhawat”. Jaalan singh was the son of Tilokji and his queen got sati in Chandawji village. These resides in Sindhana, Khirod, Majhau, Badau and Shekhawati.
  • Khejdoliya Shekhawat – Son of Rao Shekha ji (Kumbhaji, Bharmal ji, Ridmalji) got Kheldoli village near jaipur in estate. The descendants of them is known as “Khejdoliya Shekhawat” on village name Khejdoli. The khejdoliyashekhawat resides in regions in Shekhawati like Salasar,Baghawas, Baasdi, Bhojasar,Roru, Firdoli, Jai pahadi, Dhakas, Senusar, Garadwa, Dhokakala etc .
  • Raimalot ShakhawatThe youngest son of Rao Shekha ji was Raimal ji eho got the estate of Amarsar after the death of Shekhaji. The descendants of Raimal ji is known as “Raimalot Shekhawat”.

    Sub clans of Raimalot Shekhawat

    1. Tejsi ka Shekhawat – The second son of Raimalji was Tejsi. The descendants of tejsi is known as “Tejsi Ka Shekhawat”. Their main estste is Narayanpur in Alwar. Apart from this, Vijaepur, Maanpur, Lalpur, Chandpur, Mandali, etc are their estate.
    2. Sehasmal ji ka Shekhawat – The descendants of Sehasmal ji who was the son of Raimal ji, is known as “Sehasmal ji ka shekhawat”. A daughter of sehasmalji “Madalasa Kanwar” was married to Chittorgarh and did “Jauhar”.
    3. Dudawat Shekhawat – Dudaji was a son of Raimal ji. The descendants of Dudaji is known as “Dudawat Shekhawat”.
    4. Jagmalji ka Shekhawat – Jagmal ji was a son of Raimal ji. The decendants of jagmalji is known as “Jahmalji ka Shekhawat”. Their estate is Hammirpur and in some parts of alwar.
    5. Loornkaran ji ka Shekhawat – Sujaji was the elder son of Raimal ji. Sujaji elder son was Loornkaran and his descendant is known as “Loornkaran ji ka shekhawat”. The villages near Mahonarpura is in their estate. 
    6. Sub clans of ‘loornkaran ji ka shakhawat’
      • Nathji ka Shekhawat – One of the son of loornkaranji was Nath ji. the descendants of Nath ji is known as “Nath ji ka shekhawat”. Their estates are in Talwa and many more villages.
      • Ugrasen ji ka Shekhawat – Narsidas was a son of loornkaran ji. Narsidas had a son named Ugrasen . the descendants of Ugrasen ji is known as “Ugrasen ji ka Shekhawat”. Their estate are Shahpura, Manoharpura, Devrala, Kariri, Mahroli etc
      • Achaldas ji ka Shekhawat – Achaldas ji was the son of Bhagwasdas and grandson of Loornkaran ji. The descendants of Achaldas is known as “Achaldas ji ka Shekhawat”.
      • Saanwaldas ji ka Shekhawat – The descendants of Saanwaldas ji is known as “Saanwaldas ji ka Shekhawat”. Their main thikana is “Pachar”. They resides in Dodya, Ramjipura, Prithvipura, Rampura, etc.
      • Kishansingh ji ke Shekhawat – The descendants of Kishansingh ji is known as “Kishansingh ji ke Shekhawat”.


  • Raisalot Shekhawat – Raisal ji Khandela was a son of Sujaji. The descendants of Raisalji is known as “Raisalot Shekhawat”. Out of 12 sons, his 7 sons were in existence.
    1. Laadkhani Shekhawat – The elder son of Raisalji was Laalsingh(Laadkha, Ladaji). The descendants of Laalsingh ji is known as “Laadkhani Shekhawat’. Their main thikana is “Khachriyavas”. Some of their other thikanas are Kotya, Hannantpura, Kuli, Hundil, Bhilal, Lalas, Khor, Khatu, Niradhanu, etc. Respected Bhairo singh shekhawat was one of the chief minister of Rajasthan(2003-2007). He is from this Laadkhani Khanp.
    2. Raav ji ka Shekhawat – The second son of Raisalji was Trimalraavji. Akbar had given him “Raav” title and given him Nagaur as in estate. Due to the this reason. Their descendant is known as “Raav ji ka shekhawat”. Their main estate used to be Sikar and other thikanas are Shyamgarh, Dujod, Balara, Bathoth, Patoda, Gadoda, etc
    3. Bhojraj ji ka Shekhawat – Bhojral ji was the third son of Raisalji. The descendants of Bhojral ji is known as “Bhojraj ji ka Shekhawat”. Their estate was Udaipur Pargana. Their dynasty have expanded very much. Their thikanas are Haripur, Guda, Manwada, Mathad etc
      1. Sub clans of Bhojraj ji ka Shekhawat

        Gaurji ka Shekhawat

        Bidawat ji ka Shekhawat
    4. Parasram ji ka Shekhawat – Parasram was a son of the king Raisingh ji Khandela. The descendants of Parasram ji is known as “Parasram ji ka shekhawat”. Their main estate is Paldi and they resides in Chudi, Purya, Khori etc.
    5. Hariram ji ka Shekhawat – Hariram ji was a son of the king Raisingh ji Khandela. The descendants of Hariram ji is known as “Hariram ji ka shaekhawat”. Their main thikana is “Mundaru”. And they also have estates in Shekhawati.
    6. Taajkhani Shekhawat – Taaj singh was a son of the king Raisingh ji Khandela. The descendants of Taaj singh ji is known as “Taajkhani Shekhawat”. Their main estate is “Chavanya”, that is presently in Nagaur.
    7. Girdharji ka Shekhawat – After the death of King Raisal ji, his youngest son Girdharji got the kingdom and he became the king of Khandela. The descendants  of Girdhar ji from Khadela is known as “Girdharji ka Shekhawat”. Their main estates are Danta, Khood, Sujas, Tilokpura, Bawdi-thikariya, Palsana, Ringas, etc
    8. Gopal ji ka Shekhawat – Gopal was a son of Rao Sujaji Rayamlot (Amarsar). The descendants of gopal ji is known as “Gopal ji Ka Shekhawat”. Fatehpur Shekhawati was in their main estate. And apart from this they also had Jhaduli, Hardas ka bass, Hathideh, Haripur, Jawanpur, Naurangpura, Beelwadi, Luhakana etc.
    9. Chandapota Shekhawat-  The son of Rao Sujaji was Chandaji. The descendants of Chandaji is known as “Chandapota Shekhawat”. They have lots of estates in Bansur basai(Alwar). Their estates also includes Beri, Kundan, Bidasar, Rulani, Bhadovas, Lalasi, etc
    10. Bhairo ji ka Shekhawat – Bhairo ji was the son of Rao Sujaji. The descendants of Bhairo ji is known as “Bhairo ji ka shekhawat”. Their estates are Luharu, Likhana, Chabda, Beri, Bangothadi, etc and they resides in Bansur basai in Alwar.

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