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Gehlot (Geh, Guhil, Guhilot) Dynasties

  Июль 31, 2018     Rajput Unity

In Rajasthan history, Guhilot has played a very important role in it. This dynasty  has ruled on Mewar from 7th century to continuously till India became Independant. It has ruled almost 1300 years. There maybe any dynasty in the world who has continuously ruled on one region. Occurence Guhilot dynasty is the descendants of king “Luv”, who was the son of King Shree Ramchandra Ji w Просмотреть больше

Shekhawat History

  Июль 28, 2018     Rajput Unity

The ruler of Amer was Udaykaran ji. Balaji was the 3rd no son of Udaykarn ji. He got Barvada in the estate. Balaji had a son named Mokal ji. But Mokal ji didn’t had any children. But later on at the old age, he took some medicines given by Shekh Burhan. And by the blessing of god and those medicines, one boy was born(1433 BCE). His name was kept as “Shekha”. Shekha ji was very br Просмотреть больше

History of "Parmar" Panwar

  Июль 26, 2018     Rajput Unity

Parmar is considered under 36 rajput dynasties. From 8th to 13th century  this rajput dynasty  had ruled all over india. Parmar is the clan of Agnivanshi Rajput. It is written and said that the very first clan of parmar rajput was from “Arbudachal”( Abu Mountain) generated from a fire pit, and it is proved in literature and written in old inscription also. Parmar rajputs are  Просмотреть больше

History Of Dahiya Dynasty

  Июль 22, 2018     Rajput Unity

Dahiya is one of the oldest clan in rajputana history. They belongs to Rishi Vansh. Their is the description mentioned in the temple of Kewai Mata near kansariya village which is between Parbatsar and Nagaur. Dahiya is the clan of Dadhichi Rishi. Later on this clan is named as dadhichic, dahiyak, and then finally as dahiya. The Dadhichi Rishi was the one who had sacrificed his bones for “dev Просмотреть больше


  Июль 22, 2018     Rajput Unity

                 THE HISTORY OF KACHAWA DYNASTY Rajput is all about gun, guts and glory. That’s why it is said to be Rajputana’s stories. Rajput is known for their bravery, sacrifices, royalty, integrity and altruistism. Kachawa is a branch or clan of Suryavanshi Rajput. Till now it is said that there are t Просмотреть больше